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The Intel AMT platform can provide the basis for secretly operating a platform’s hardware based on a backdoor, since its included in a prominent fraction of PCs (desktop and notebooks) servers, POS, embedded systems and even ATMs as illustrated in Table 2.2 and 2.3. By design the AMT architecture uses a separate OOB channel independent of any network traffic transmitted to and from the other parts of the computer. Therefore this interface provides a covert communication channel that introduce a set of issues: allowing malicious parties to performsurveillance, tomonitor, tocarryoutespionage, andfullycontrolasystem. Malicious parties include government agencies, individual attackers, and industries. A catalytic factor for this powerful backdoor arises from the functionality of AMT architecture that was designed to operate and perform remote management, even though the system is turned off.

A questo punto, mi chiedo come fare non solo a verificare che il proprio PC non abbia queste trappole, ma a procurarsi hardware recente che ne sia privo.
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