25 lug 2012, 03.26link html
I recently got sent some pictures of my girlfriends breasts and im worried about privacy, i saved them in a folder but whenever i open dash home it shows the pictures in recent files and downloads. i am having trouble finding a solution for this and worried because my sister and her friends like to use my computer a lot and do not want them to see those photos. Any suggestions or answers will be greatly appreciated.

pHreaksYcle 3 points 2 hours ago
Question is fake, Linux users don't have girlfriends.

HipBeforeItWasCool 5 points 2 hours ago
But a friend of mine has a girlfriend and he uses Linux.

pHreaksYcle 2 points 2 hours ago
I refuse to believe it!

ethraax 1 point 1 hour ago
It was all a dream...